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Welcome to Kiramu. Buy & sell... Fast! Fast!! Phones, Clothes, Cars, Electronics, Properties, Jobs and lots more from all across Nigeria.

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Why Shop Online at Kiramu

Kiramu offers you a one stop shop with a variety of categories ranging from cars to homes, computers and so much more.

We have a variety of unique items from users located all over Nigeria looking to sell or rent used and brand new items at negotiable prices.

We always verify all products put up on our site in order to ensure they are as described and you get what you paid for.

With our wide range of listings, you get to compare similar items from various sellers.

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How to post an Ad

1. Create a Kiramu account

2. Select your item's relevant category

3. Fill in all the details of your ad

4. Upload appealing photos of your item

5. Await approval from our team and start selling in no time

While you await the approval of your advert, please kindly visit the "Help" section below, click on "Safety", and read up on how to avoid scammers and fraudsters. Make sure you read this section before you make any transaction.